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Barbecue is a kind of cate that a lot of people often eat, the sort feeding capable person of barbecue is more, have all sorts of flesh kind barbecue, it is OK to have still sea product and vegetable wait barbecueA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, the flavor of barbecue is more unique, compare those who get a lot of people to love, a lot of people do not knowShanghai Long Feng forum

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In barbecue when it how the flesh puts saline souse is good how the flesh puts saline souse, different flesh kind the method of souse is different, how does the flesh when barbecue put saline souse? Next we comeLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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How does the flesh when barbecue put saline souse

One. Method of Korea barbecue souse

1, beef is abluent Xue Bi is joined to immerse 1 hour after been cut, next abluent drop works.

2, soy is joined in boiler, flavour drenchs, white sugar, garlic sprouts, baySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Leaf and white sugar boil, air is cool.

3, fruit flay stripping and slicing, along with garlic and onion are put into mixer to be hit into mud together, take out.

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4, join corn syrup next, enter the condiment with cool air water, join pepper, sesame oil mixes divide evenly.

5, put the meat next mix in the soy of divide evenly, touch divide evenly adequately, put next last in the box, hour of sealed cold storage is controlled can.

How does the flesh when barbecue put saline souse

2. Method of common barbecue souse

1, will ripe earthnut, zi like that, sesame seed floods powder stand-by, onion is cut.

2, heart-shaped has been handled, join earthnut white, sesame seed pink and Zi like that pink and a few salt mix divide evenly souse.

3, beef has been cut join curry powder, seafood soy, cooking wine catchs divide evenly souse.

4, curry powder and soy of a few seafood are added to mix after steaky pork has been cut divide evenly souse.

How does the flesh when barbecue put saline souse

3. Qi Qi breaths out the souse of Er barbecue

The souse that breaths out Er barbecue together together closes1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Key is in ” mix ” on the word, nature of green, ginger, garlic, wine is cannot little, but how much to put, have is accurate on the hand. It is more difficult to add salt, little, do not have flavour, much, pressed fleshy flavour; Early, the flesh is old, late, flavour is entered do not go in. Still one mixes namely oily, oil is little, touch boiler, oil is much, fumy. The souse that breaths out Er barbecue together together so is taller to technical requirement. Barbecue makings is OK oneself are done, can buy off-the-peg. This should be decided according to his actual condition.