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A few families are stewing dish or stew when, can join a few walnut, because the nutrient value ratio of walnut often eats walnut higher, conduce to counteractive cancer, and the mental growth that has walnut to promote the child inside body easily still in pregnancy, because the appearance of walnut resembles the person’s cerebra, the effect that takes walnut filling brain so also is first-rate, bao soup when can treat as condiment, so walnut Bao what soup is better?

Walnut Bao what soup is good

Walnut Bao chicken broth

Raw material: ? Eulogy?00 is overcome, chicken 1, a few of dried tangerine or orange peel, salt. Make a way: 1. Walnut hull takes fleshy; to soak walnut flesh and dried tangerine or orange peel with clear water abluent. 2. Chicken goes splanchnic, go grease, abluent. 3. Will afore-mentioned in feeding material to put bowl, add 1000 a unit of weightLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touchShanghai noble baby

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2 hours, add salt to flavor finally can.

Walnut Bao what soup is good

Soup of chop of walnut of be good at head

Material: ? Beat up and suddenly of ひ of detailed of be good at ⒊ of  of knife of neon of be good at ⒋ of  of sour of pancreas of eulogy of the ⒑ that call out Sha] Luo? chop is put into boiler and add water of a few Jiang Fei, after water boils, continue to boil be scooped after 10 minutes and abluent reserve. Bubble of dried tangerine or orange peel is soft go gourd ladle. Ci fact is abluent, will all material puts arenaceous bowl. Join Bao of conflagration of 6 bowls of water to boil turn small fire slow Bao 3 hours. Shanghai noble baby

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Boiler adds salt to flavor again since. Soup Bao is good, take the advantage of quickly heat is drunk

Walnut Bao what soup is good

Soup of walnut pig waist

Raw material: ? ? of press or rub against, the bark of eucommia 30 grams, walnut flesh 30 overcome


1. will dissection among pig waist, shuck white muscle film, rinse clean with clear water. 2. Flesh of the bark of eucommia, walnut is washed with clear water respectively clean, put arenaceous Bao simultaneously with pig waist inside, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Add clear water right amount, after high heat boil, convert slow fire Bao 2 hours, flavor for using.

Soup of walnut lean lean

Material yam 25 grams, gorgon fruit 50 grams, walnutmeat 100 grams, pig thigh meat 400 grams. Condiment Jiang Yi piece, refined salt a few. Practice ① walnutmeat, Gorgon fruit, yam is abluent, lie between dry water. Meat of ② pig thigh puts the Gao Huo in rolling water 3 minutes, take out abluent. ③ reachs high internal heat of right amount clear water 6 minutes boil, put pig thigh meat, walnut, yam, Gorgon fruit, ginger, medium baking temperature 40 minutes, next salt flavor can.