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Pure milk, what say actually is the milk that does not have any accretion. Generally speaking, very much old person and child need are drunk everyday pureA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Milk will complement calcium is qualitative, promote skeletal growth. But to adult, very few somebody can insist to drink pure milk every day. So, everybody knows the calcium among pure milk is mixed character protein content is higher. So, pure milk filling kidney? Actually pure milk does not fill kidney.

Pure milk filling kidney

Milk is one of the oldest natural beverage, be known as ” white blood ” , can be imagined to the importance of human body. Milk just as its name implies is go up from body of female milk cowLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Be squeezed come out. In different country, milk also is divided have different order and degree.

Milk contains rich mineral, calcium, phosphor, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum. The most god-given is, milk is the optimal origin of human body calcium, and calcic phosphor scale is very proper, the benefit absorption at calcium. Phyletic and complex, have 100 at least a variety of, main component has water, adipose, phosphatide, protein, lactose, inorganic salt to wait.

Pure milk filling kidney

The inorganic salt in milk also says mineral. Is Ca2 contained in milk? , Mg2? , K? , Fe3? Wait for cation and PO? 3? , SO? 2? , Cl? Wait for anion; Still have in additionFall in love with the sea

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U, Zn, Mn. The calcium in nature exists with chemical combination condition, the calcium that has biology active is formed after only passive, plant is absorbed, ability is absorbed to use by human body place better. Rich active calcium is contained in milk, it is one of the mankind’s best calcic sources, place of 1 litre of fresh milk contains active calcium to make an appointment with 1250 milligram, first what reside numerous food, be rice about 101 times, of lean beef 75 times, thin porky 110 times, it not only content is high, and medium lactose can promote wall of human body bowel to be opposite calcic absorption, absorptivity is as high as 98% , adjust thereby the calcic metabolization inside body, maintain serum calcic chroma, the calcify of promotional skeleton. Had absorbed calcic to filling be especially crucial. Reason ” milk can fill calcic ” this one view is to have its science reason.

The chemistry of bovine breast is comprised, the sort because of the ox, age, raise the method, time that collect breast, the life and healthy state, air temperature different and each different. Breast of every 100g ox contains 0.04mg of sulfur amine element, riboflavin 0.13mg, the Buddhist nun overcomes acerbity 0.2mg, ascorbic acid 1mg, vitamin A140IU. The ox breeds medium protein basically is to contain phosphoprotein, also contain albumin and globulin. These 3 kinds of protein Dou Hanquan the ministry is indispensible amino acid. What the ox breeds is adipose and main the glycerine ester that is palmy acid, tristearin acid, if man is acerbity, oneself acid, bitter,also contain a few elementary fatty acid etc. In addition, still contain alcohol of steriod of a few lecithin, bravery, pigment to wait.

Pure milk filling kidney

To in for old people, milk still has one big gain, namely, with cholesterol of a lot of animal sex albumen taller photograph is compared, the content of the cholesterol in milk is inferior, (milk: 13 milligram / 100 grams; Lean lean: 77 milligram / 100 grams) . ValueShanghai night net

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Getting what carry is, certain component still can control the amount of hepatic production cholesterol in milk, make milk still has the effect that reduces cholesterol.

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