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Dumpling is a kind of food that the Chinese is familiar with most most, arriving as a child is eating mostly, and good because of living conditions now, want to eat dumpling, need not say to must eat in festal ability. And the ceaseless promotion as the craft that make, the sort of dumpling is richer and richer1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, making a method repeatedly also is richer and richer, not be confined to the dumpling that boil. So, how does scamper boiled dumpling make gift delicious?

How is scamper boiled dumpling done?

Aspic dumpling can scamper. The practice is as follows:

Advocate makings: Freezing boiled dumpling packet


1, pour refrigerant dumpling in food basket, one nappy is put below, pour boiled water defrost one minute or so, pour boiled water, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Put do water about 2 minutes at the same time can.

2, wash pan clean, dishcloth wipes the water inside (prevent there is water in boiler, pour the oil when edible is oily to be able to fly to rise gradually to the person) medium baking temperature, oil of a few edible is entered after waiting for the moisture inside boiler to evaporate, pour dumpling quickly after oily heat, will fry boiler to be swung a few times like chef, the purpose is to let each dumpling wrap an oil. Enter half bowls of boiled water next (what taste weighs is OK toward inside scatter right amount salt and pink of Chinese prickly ash, such smell will be sweeter) .

3, lid of the boiler on the lid, small fire, make an appointment with 5~8 minute get off boiler lid, the water in boiler is absorbed basically by dumpling or evaporate almost, the scoop that use wood is lightShanghai Long Feng forum

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Turn over dumpling gently, reach 2 scamper arrives brown can, be sure to keep in mind cannot scamper is burnt.

How is scamper boiled dumpling done?

The article of dumpling stuffingForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Celery stuffing, namely diligent reason is the meaning of money diligent money dumpling

Diligent: Namely assiduous, laborious; often, diligent close (frequent) in a steady stream is constant, those who call is diligent money. The pray blessing; that is ceaseless to in a steady stream material fortune is the blessing of pair of laborious, deal with concrete matters relating to work more.

Leek stuffing, namely long reason is the meaning of money long money dumpling

Long: Namely time is long, ages ago, those who call is long money. It is pray blessing long corporeal fortune; is more right everlasting pray blessing, I wish the person is long — healthy, harmonious, happy, happy.

Chinese cabbage stuffing, namely the meaning reason of 100 money is 100 money dumpling

100: Measure word, namely 100 kinds, the meaning of 100 appearance, calling money. The pray blessing; of the money to 100 appearance or the happiness to live to old age in conjugal bliss to newly-married swallow Er wish.

How is scamper boiled dumpling done?

Xianggu mushroom stuffing, the meaning reason that rouses money namely is bosomy money dumpling

Beat: Rise high namely, bulgy, the appearance of Xianggu mushroom as up arrowhead, or the situation that is stock grail, up, the meaning of full beat, calling; bosomy money or to express a hope to junior the happiness of its stand out wishs.

Stuffing of pickled Chinese cabbage, the meaning reason that calculates money namely is calculate money dumpling

Calculate: Namely assess, liquidation. If money arrives more,should calculate night, how much is that? Calling; calculating money or the blessing that are pair of choices, the choice is more than hard, wish kin friend can have a good choice, the choice is good.

Rape stuffing, the meaning friend that has money namely is haveFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Money dumpling

Have: Exist namely, always had seen essay person of Zhao Benshan, who can forget ” have ability, have ability too! ” Where is this logion? Calling; having money blesses you to have money, more bless you to have ability.