[the bread that makes is a bit acerbity] _ just gave – of furnace _ reason

Article introduction

Order acerbity case to just making the biscuit that come have, probable because ferment,be excessive or microzyme dosage is too much those who bring about, because microzyme is acidity, the bread that so everybody wants to be done loose and mouthfeel is not acerbity, need special attention the dosage of microzyme. The making method that a biscuit is below introduces, suggest everybody can learn, in the morning when make bread to family.

The bread that makes is a bit acerbity

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Biscuit is met because yeast is measured,ache slightly is overmuch or ferment exceeding reason.

Biscuit is correct the practice is as follows:

Advocate makings: 250g of tall muscle flour, medium muscle flour 50g, oxShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Suckle 30g of 36g of 170g, egg white, butter, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Spoon of tea of 1/4 of 60g of milk powder 15g, condensed milk 15g, white sugar, salt.

Complementary makings: The egg is yellow 1, 1 spoon of water, butter is right amount, bright yeasty 8g

Move is as follows:

1. advocate outside butter is being divided in makings, first milk, bright fermentForum of Shanghai night net

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Mother, egg white, salt, white sugar, condensed milk is put into bread machine, put into milk powder to mix again 2 in flour, program of dough of the hair that start kneads dough 15 minutes, dough forms gluten network to be able to pull thick film.

The bread that makes is a bit acerbity

2. is put cut small already the butter of bate.

3. starts hair dough program again, knead 25 minutes of dough to be able to pull transparent film about, achieve completely patulous, enter ferment level, whole journey of hair dough program in all 90 minutes.

4. ferments till dough to former bulk 2-3 times big.

5. takes out the dough that has fermented, break up 10 wait for a portion to part rounded.

6. takes a dose child, roll becomes long-tongued entity.

7. furls downward from upside, interface place is held close.

The bread that makes is a bit acerbity

All 8. semifinished product roll has coiled.

9. again the strip that rub becomes bicephalous needle. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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10. close look is baked dish in enter oil of a few vegetable, brush divide evenly.

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Biscuit one by one is placed bake dish in.

12. builds Tang to send 2-3 of former bulk of biscuit semifinished product times big.

Water is added in 13. yoke.

14. mix is even.

15. brushs yoke fluid in surface of biscuit green compact with the brush.

16. is baked dish put already the oven lower level of warm-up, fire of 170 degrees of fluctuation bakes 30 minutes, had baked instantly drawing of patterns is put on grill, the surface brushs a melting butter.