CPI announced in March: Food price continues price of food of blame of fall after a rise rises close narrow

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On April 10, national statistic bureau will be announced the dweller consumed price index March (CPI) . The orgnaization predicts generally, suffer the food price such as pork, vegetable to drop influence, CPI went up compared to the same period March a hopeful continue to maintain in low, go up or in 1% the left and right sides.

CPI takes situation picture (come from website of national statistic bureau)

CPI went up March or in 1% the left and right sides

The data of national statistic bureau shows, CPI rose compared to the same period Feburary 0.8% , go up than January fall after a rise 1.7 percent. To what be about to announce March CPI, the orgnaization thinks generally, CPI went up compared to the same period March a hopeful continue to maintain low.

Monitor according to the Ministry of Agriculture, 2017 the 12nd we爱上海同城对对碰

ek (on March 20, 2017 – 26 days of) , pork every kilograms 22.05 yuan, annulus comparing drops 1.8% , for successive the 6th week small drop, compared to the same period low 13.3% ; The price of 28 kinds of vegetable Zhou Jun that monitors mainly every kilograms 3.85 yuan, annulus comparing drops 2.3% , for succes上海贵族宝贝交流区

sive the 6th week drops, compared to the same period low 30.3% .

Chief economist Lian Ping represents traffic bank, food price continued March fall after a rise, blame food price rises close narrow, dan Qiao picks up end element is small, predict CPI went up compared to the same period March for 0.8% , go up with on the month keeps balance basically.

New network reporter combs discovery in, most research organization is at present right March of CPI forecast a value to be in 1% the left and right sides. The data that comes from Wind information shows, 21 orgnaizations are right March of CPI calculate a value on average for 1% , forecast maximum for 1.4% , calculate the least value for 0.7% .

The vegetable area in the 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

supermarket (reporter Li Jinlei is photographed)

Pressure of predicting annual inflation is not apparent

Go to prospective prices situation, zhao Xijun of assistant dean of college of finance of finance of Chinese people university is right in new network reporter expresses, current supply demand relations still keeps smooth, prices also tends stable, this is meddlesome to common people, but those who want an attention is, later period prices faces constant ascendant pressure.

Lian Ping expresses, CPI goes up compared to the same period first quarter will far anticipate under the market, but predict in year 5, June as become warped of end element rebound, CPI goes up compared to the same period still have tall possibility.

Nevertheless, lian Ping thinks, in light of annual, in total demand not considerably below the setting of get warm again after a cold spell, CPI of second half of the year goes up compared to the same period as become warped end and new rise in price the callback of the element is met again new fall after a rise, predicting annual CPI goes up compared to the same period apparent under the target of 3% , annual inflation pressure is not apparent.

Cheng Laiyun of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau poin爱上海同城

ts out on the press conference March, overall will tell, prices goes situation is opposite it is gentler, also won’t appear the inflation that everybody worries about, because the supply of present produce is abundant, the contradiction of industrial product supply exceeds demand did not alleviate at all, it is under a kind of such big environments, overall prices condition goes situation should be gentler, won’t appear inflation.

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