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Chinese badminton Great Master surpassed the contention that ended day of the 2nd race in Changzhou yesterday 2017, the veteran forest red of seed of the number one that be labelled with 2 than 0 be over get the better of Ze Ji of week of junior fellow apprentice, male single of relaxed push forward 8 strong, came true to surmount dragon of teammate a surname on integral, obtained thereby enter the active advantageous posit新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ion that world bright and beautiful will surpass Gelasige this year in August. Lin Dan expresses after contest, the mood after there are the son is young now is different, he wants to insist to be able to reach competition ground one day when cheer for oneself to the son.

World feather couplet provides the basis, a country or area can expedite 4 players to play the enter into rivalry of every individual event on contest of world bright and beautiful at most, premise is to have before the world of this individual event of 4 players push forward 8 at least, otherwise, 24 can be in only before the world in expedite 3 people at most. Guo Yu will be fixed before cannot realizing 4 people push forward 8, if Lin Dan gains the championship in Changzhou, his world rank and integral are possible first what list male single of 4 China team, watch Chen Long to reduce Guo Yu instead the 4th male single. His or connects the card outside crossing world feather couplet to issue to take part in the match, otherwise is adjusted through team int上海龙凤论坛sh1f

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te that a platoon is before him front, otherwise, this Liyaoao carries champion of meeting male single will not have predestined relationship world bright and beautiful contest.

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