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Beyond question is each father mother hope the child of own home can grow healthily, but it is inferior and easy that the body immunity force of dot is compared originally get of virus invade, appear various diseases. Among them dot anaemia is one kind relativelyShanghai noble baby

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And the cause that causes dot anemia basically is element of the iron in the body be short of break. Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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At that time parents can know the anaemic level about cheeper special be necessary.

Cheeper anaemia standard

Children anaemia diagnoses a standard: The 10 inside the day new students after be born haemoglobin (HB) is less than 145 grams every litres of; arrives 10 days haemoglobin of 3 lunar babies

(HB)100 overcomes every to rise; 3 months arrive be not worth 6 years old of haemoglobin (HB) is less than 110 grams every litres 6 to 14 years old of haemoglobin (HB) is less than 120 grams every litres of; is anaemia. Write down with sea level, altitude every heighten 1000 metersLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, HB risesLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Make an appointment with high 4% .

Cheeper anaemia standard

Cheeper can have clear sign commonly when occurrence anaemia symptom, we can look here from these respects, the symptom of cheeper anaemia has facial expression cadaverous, originally the lip with bright-coloured color becomes weak gradually, breath, heartbeat is added fast, appetite drops, disgusting, abdominal distension, spirit is depressed, attention is not centered, mood Yi Ji is moved, hair is sere, grow development is backward, pica, irritating wait.

Cheeper anaemia standard

Below this kind of circumstance a lot of reasons can cause this kind of condition, but very much to cheeper time is immanent and explicit the influence of two kinds of elements. Underlying factor is a likelihood the drawback that cheeper oneself has endocrine metabolization, also be to suffer from certain disease to just can cause anemia likely at the same time, wait e.g. liver disease. Explicit reason may be the means on feed undeserved, the feed means of a lot of cheeper is artificial feed, mother lacteal feed and mixture feed these 3 kinds, their feed staple food is mother milk and other breast kind, but no matter be which kinds of breast kind, its quantity that contain iron is very low, onefold feed appears very easily of exsanguine shape. Below objective way, can use add contain iron to pledge relatively rich food, can have shrimp of egg of pork liver, lean lean, spinach, laver, carrot, bean products, fish to the child, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The food such as agaric, celery will enrich the blood, eat a fruit together, can qualitative to iron absorption has very good auxiliary effect.