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Also can show the issue that should note more very much likewise, when check fish chromosome is unusual, the parentLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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With respect to can special concern and angst, permit mother especially very fear the darling in him abdomen is insalubrious, worry everyday heavily, above all the mood of pregnant woman depends on the hair of darling1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Yo, so pregnant woman should adjust the mood, periodic goes check and be being treated, such conducing to restore.

Chromosome is unusual cure

The cure that brittleness X chromosome asks for integratedly:

Brittleness X chromosome is asked for integratedly bring about patient wisdom barrier (Martin-Bell asks for) integratedly, because be inside human body,brittleness X syndrome is of X chromosome the choppy place in fashioning a process is brought about. In a paragraph of DNA of X chromosome, because genetic concern can produce a change sometimes. One kind is complete change, another kind is DNA excessive and methylic change.

Treating Lejeune to think folic acid is lacked is the intellective and low reason when Fra X is asked for integratedly, he is usedLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Large dose folic acid treated a patient to achieve favorable result, but the curative effect that other writer fails to confirm folic acid. Recently a few authors think curative effect of central nervous a shot in the arm is better, but side effect is big. Useful coke decides other (the person that Clonidine) , result is installed, use disease more according to saying to be able to be reduced.

Chromosome is unusual cure

The cure that 3 body of 18- ask for integratedly:

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Dehuasi weighing love (Edwards) is asked for integratedly, occurence rate produces a new student for work 1/4000 ~ 1/8000. Little patient life is very brief, over after be born, die before long, the person that survive has serious and intellective obstacle. Cure is born to need to anabiosis constantly art. Viability is low, often appear breath pauses, absorb is poor, want nose raise more. Although nurse meticulously, be in more a death inside 2 months, few little patient lives to be 1 year old, all have serious intelligence low.

Chromosome is unusual cure

Prevent little patient of easy to chromosome bit-type, need to check itsFall in love with the sea

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Parental chromosome, in order to decide them one of whether be a balance easy the person that carry. This asks for second birth of this kind of person that carry integratedly the little patient’s opportunity is greater, need to undertake antenatal is diagnosed.