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Special ache can feel after a few people grew wisdom tooth, can want to unplug so, but unplug the process of wisdom tooth also is more painful, and unplug the gum inside period of time still meets wisdom tooth haemorrhage, unplugging so tooth when, the time that must choose him body to compare health paragraph, can decrease on certain level so unplug the anguish of the tooth, so without painful how to unplug the tooth should unplug?

 Without painful unplug how the tooth unplugs

Unplug prepare before the art of the tooth:

Whether to accord with unplug of the tooth get used to disease, check in the round evenA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Oral cavity, notice a tooth, tooth week circumstance, film tooth piece etc. Doctor here the preparation that needs to make ace art division works, prepare to unplug the appliance of the tooth (gum segregator, tooth is held out, tooth clamp and curette)

 Without painful unplug how the tooth unplugs

Of all sorts of teeth pull out method:

1, anterior teeth of the upper jaw: When pulling out, use reach joltily rotate, drawing of forward lower part pulls out.

2, the grind one’s teeth before the upper jaw: Unplug when the tooth first to buccal side, backward palate side is jolty, begin jolty force extent cannot how old, gradually thrust augmentation, after shake up, suitable tooth grows an axis to pull out from buccal side square drawing.

3, the upper jaw the first, 2 grind one’s teeth: They all are 3 roots, unplug jolty power basically is used when the tooth, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Should compare palate side to the force of buccal side big, cannot use rotate force.

4, the upper jaw the 3rd grind one’s teeth: Tooth root mutation is very big, the beard before pulling out takes X line piece. GeneralNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The direction in holding out Xiangyuan with the tooth is held out, tooth clamp first buccal side, hind palate side is jolty, behavioral gentleness, avoid be completely cured.

5, mandible anterior teeth: All be odd root, submit conic form, when cutting a tooth to pull out reach glossal side adequately to the lip jolty, after the tooth becomes loose, drawing of outward upper part pulls out. When fang pulls out, can rotate slightly force, next drawing of outward upper part and piece.

6, the grind one’s teeth before mandible: All be conic form odd root, tooth root is long and thin, main and jolty direction is buccal tongue side, can rotate slightly force, outside going up, buccal side just pulls out to drawing.

7, mandible the first, 2 grind one’s teeth: Greater power needs joltily when pulling out, and should relapse for many times. But tooth of have the aid of is held out, hold out a pine to have a tooth, again from have a tooth fromShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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On buccal side foreign drawing pulls out.

8, mandible the 3rd grind one’s teeth: Glossal side bone board thinner, jolty when exert oneself to do sth. more to glossal side, pull out again.

9, deciduous teeth: With constant tooth pull out the method is same, use clamp to unplug commonly law, a few circumstance falls to be held out with the tooth. Nest of the chamfer that blow a tooth is not scratched after deciduous teeth pulls out, lest injure the constant tooth embryo of lower part.

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 Without painful unplug how the tooth unplugs

Of block unripe tooth pull out law:

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Produce the tooth with unripe block, this kind of tooth can make parenchyma produces inflammation all round tooth coronal, plant to this not only without the function harmful instead must pull out as early as possible.

Be in according to the tooth the deepness inside bone: Perch, medium, position

The long axis that gives birth to wisdom tooth according to block and long axis of the 2nd grind one’s teeth concern: Perpendicular block block of unripe, level is unripe, close in block is unripe, far in block is unripe, buccal to block unripe, tongue is born to block reach convert block to be born.

Pull out method: Anaesthetic — incision and turn over valve — go bone — cent tooth — add unoccupied place — pull out block gives birth to a tooth — unplug the tooth achieves processing — suture — oppressive and hemostatic — the note after art