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During the female is pregnant when also be the period of time that falls ill more easily, because be inside this paragraph of time,an energy that the person takes needs female body by fetal with the female two people are absorbed, and a few females also can lie to rest not to have campaign on the bed to protect a fetus, such fitness also can become poorer, as a result of the reason with elevatory progestational hormone, still may cause intestines and stomach maladjusted, so be pregnant is stomach-ache normal?

Be pregnant stomach-ache is normal

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If the initial stage of pregnant appeared slight stomach-ache, so this kind of phenomenon also attributes normal situation. Do not have too big mentality pleaseNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Case study

After be pregnant, go up because of the uterus move, may cause the reflection division of oppressive stomach so, with respect to meeting occurrence stomach-ache nowShanghai noble baby

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Wanting to rest more at ordinary times so, avoid overworked. Assure to fillShanghai noble baby

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Enough sleep, also want to add an attention more on food, I appeared the circumstance with aggravating gastralgia, must use medicaments to undertake treating below the doctor’s guidance soForum of Shanghai night net

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Be pregnant stomach-ache is normal


Must notice to rest more at ordinary times, not too too overworked, want to assure enough sleep, avoid to stay up late. Food of a few easy digestive should eat more on food, eat much food less. Eat less acrimony excitant food.

Be pregnant stomach-ache is normal

Pregnant woman is incidental bromatoxism and gastric bowel way are other infection. Some infection (like bacterium of Li Si spy) the likelihood gives a baby to bring complication, although they are not special to the person that was not pregnant dangerous, if suspect oneself the likelihood,fall ill so, best check is looked up. If systemic sex bellyacke has abdominal run-of-mill ache, but not be special in the stomach, as a result of,the likelihood is benign reason orForum of Shanghai night net

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The likelihood is concerned. abdomen is in development, the organ is in mobile, so a few blunt painful and now and then acuteness it is normal smartly. Common cause has: Uterine dilate may feel cramp. It normally not serious, resting in a few minutes subsidise. Because conceive the ketone of hormone corpus luteum of the Gao Shuiping between pregnancy,meeting slow down is digested, so gas bilges, constipation is very common. Should arrive from the uterus when inguinal ligament extend, what may feel ligament in pregnant metaphase is aching.