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The cold coughs such phenomenon is commonner in the life, when a lot of people cough in the cold, can feel all over not easyShanghai noble baby

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Take, the patient that has a fever especially, the phenomenon that appears the most easily is all-overish, and probable in the process of the cold meeting feels auditive ache as a result of fevered reason, total meeting causes tinnitus when ear is aching, so cold cough ear is fond of this how1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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 Cold cough ear aches

Cold cough ear is fond of a consideration to may erupt simultaneously the commonnest complication tympanitis — catarrh sex tympanitis, because the cold carries the transmission of pathogen, include virus, bacterium. These main pathogen can diffuse through mucous membrane, especially ear and ministry of pharynx of the upper respiratory tract rouse a canal through pharynx is interlinked, easy go to pathogen by divide with a hyphen at the end of a line of guttural ministry mucous membrane earShanghai Long Feng forum

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The mucous membrane of the path, cause the inflammation that ear, bring about catarrh sex tympanitis thereby, ear is aching when occurrence cold coughs. Must detect so blood is groovy, make clear pathogen, make clear the pathogeny, necessary when still can become ear inside lens. Proper choice fights phlogistic drop ear oil, adjust remedial plan at any time.

The consideration is the acute that infection of the upper respiratory tract causesLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Tympanitis. Look after children go to a hospital otolaryngology sees a doctor, check looks up tympanic circumstance, if tympanic membrane is apparent hyperaemia is OK diagnose. Apply penicillin kind antibiotic a week, use rhinal sparge agent at the same time, contractive and rhinal mucous membrane, improve nasal cavity to aerate.

 Cold cough ear aches

Cold cough can erupt simultaneously tympanitis, take medicine rapidly cure. The attention drinks a water more, eat bit of fresh fruit vegetable more, eat less to stimulate food tartly. Much heat preservation notices to rest. It pass a few days is good to pass a few days.

Cold hind can cause catarrh sex tympanitis, tympanic membrane congests, cause earacheShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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. Earache appears after the cold, the goluptious Moxilinkelawei that take A is acerbity potassium doing is mixed hang agent or other head Bao kind antibiotic.

 Cold cough ear aches

The likelihood is relevant inflammation what what infection causes is unwell. Still need a basis now specificLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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expression, related union video learn to wait detect ability undertakes judging, choose appropriate remedial method.